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Ion Guides and Collision Cells

Extrel provides various configurations of Ion Guides and Collision Cells. Each configuration is designed for a specific application. They are all built for the highest possible ion transmission and the best possible phase space compression.

In addition to our Ion Guides and Collision Cells listed below, we can also design and build custom ion guides. We also offer RF-only power supplies that are needed to operate the ion guides and collision cells.

Extrel’s Ion Guides and Collision Cells include the following:

  • Octupoles and Hexapoles are designed for maximum ion transmission. The Standard configuration includes a solid housing with entrance and exit lenses. We also offer our octupoles and hexapoles with vented housings or no housing for pressure reduction.
  • Quadrupoles are high transmission Quadrupole Mass Filters that can be used as ion guides in applications where Mass Selection is also required. The mass filter is offered with a solid housing, a vented housing, or can be supplied without housing.
  • Conical Octupoles are uniquely designed for high transmission of ions from an effusive source and can reduce them to a small spot size while simultaneously providing pressure reduction. They are ideal for use after an ESI Source or after the first orifice of a molecular beam system.
  • Collision Cells are designed for use as Reaction Cells or for Collisional Cooling. Extrel’s collision cells use our high transmission octupole ion guides. They are equipped with low gas conductance housings and gas fittings.

For additional specifications and benefits of the Extrel Ion Guides and Collision Cells, please reference the listed Product and Application Notes or contact your local Sales Representative.

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