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Semiconductor, Gas suppliers and Optical Component processing requires gas analysisto detect impurities in gases used for the production process. Other industries, such as steel and pharmaceutical manufacturing, require confirmation of correct gas mixtures for various processes. Extrel's Gas Analysis Systems offer instruments with dynamic range and low parts per billion (ppb) and parts per trillion (ppt) detection limits to meet Gas Purity and continuous atmosphere analysis needs.

Extrel MAX300 Series Gas Analysis Systems are the chosen products for gas purity applications with ppb detection limits. The VeraSpec™ Trace takes the analytical capability of a number of Extrel’s best technologies for trace gas analysis, and makes them available in one instrument, including Atmospheric Pressure Ionization MS (APIMS), high sensitivity closed source electron impact ionization (EI), and membrane inlet mass spectrometry (MIMS). The DC Corona Discharge Source is a chemical or soft ionization source that is ideal for monitoring molecules in the low ppt range. To make the system a more comprehensive research tool, the system can be configured with MS/MS capability providing the ability to positively identify components by looking at daughter ions. This makes the VeraSpec Trace one of the most capable research grade MS systems available.

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Extrel’s MAX Series Specifications include:
  • Detection Limits from 10 ppt – 100% 
  • Various Mass Ranges from 0.5 - 50 up to 10 - 4000 amu
    • Refer to MAX-QMS product note for Mass Range options
  • Positive and Negative Ion Detection 
  • Corrosive and Hazardous Gas Packages

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