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Water Analysis

Compliance with clean water environmental regulations is a major concern for almost all industries. To help customers meet their environmental responsibilities, Extrel has leveraged its experience in online process gas analysis to include various online Water Analysis applications using the MAX300-AIR™ Environmental Gas Analyzer.

The MAX300-AIR can be interfaced with a Sparger Gas System or a Membrane Interface to continually measure volatile organics and hydrocarbons in water sample streams. The analyzer measures organic contaminants in drinking water, waste water, cooling water and groundwater streams. Common components measured include Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl Benzene, Xylene, Methane, Pentanes and Butanes.

Equipped with a Sparger Gas System, the MAX300-AIR is capable of measuring volatile organic carbons such as benzene, down to parts per billion (ppb). Saturating a dry gas stream by bubbling the gas into the contents of a liquid stream produces what is known as a “wet” gas stream. The “wet” gas stream can then be analyzed by the MAX300-AIR Environmental Mass Spectrometer. Because the Sparger system allows for a continuous, fast measurement with minimal sample conditioning requirements, the MAX300-AIR coupled with a Sparger system is capable of measuring an unlimited number of components and an unlimited number of sample streams.

Equipped with a Membrane Interface, the MAX300-AIR Environmental Gas Analyzer can measure volatile organic carbons such as benzene, down to the parts per trillion (ppt) range. Robust in design, the membrane inlet requires minimal sample conditioning, can accept water streams at any temperature and resists plugging. The MAX300-AIR equipped with a membrane interface can measure an unlimited number of components as well as an unlimited number of streams. Membrane inlet response time will vary depending on the chemical properties of the Volative Organic Compounds (VOCs). Typical response time from 0 to 90% of the final reading (T90) is less than one minute.

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