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Flare Gas

New regulations of flare emissions require oil refineries and chemical plants to analyze the vent gas and quickly make adjustments to maintain sufficient destruction efficiency.

Real-time gas analyzers from Extrel enable fast, efficient flare control.

Powered by cutting-edge mass spectrometry, the analyzers measure the full composition of the flare gas and report the Net Heating Value (NHV) several times per minute. Rapid, detailed information allows the operator to keep the flare in compliance and minimize the use of steam and supplemental fuel gas.

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Extrel gas analyzers supply data for multiple regulatory requirements with one gas analyzer to reduce the overall cost and complexity of flare management. In addition to NHV, flare gas mass spectrometers analyze H2S, Total Sulfur, and many other contaminants.

Extrel mass spectrometers are easy to operate and do not require helium, or any other carrier or detector gas. 

EPA has approved daily sulfur validations that use only standards with <300 ppm H2S at refineries monitoring sulfurs for NSPS Subpart Ja.

Mass Range
  • 1-250, 300, 500 amu
Detectable Compounds
  • Any gas or vapor sample
Detection Range
  • 100% - 10 ppb standard, 10 ppt w/ membrane inlet*
Number of Sample Streams
  • 16, 31, 40, 80, 120, 160+
Analysis Rate
  • up to 0.1 Seconds per component
Number of Components
  • Unlimited
Number of Analysis Routines
  • Unlimited
Number of User Configurable Data Tags
  • Unlimited
Analysis Precision
  • ±0.05% Relative Standard Deviation**
  • ±0.5% Relative Standard Deviation**
  • Two, one active and one spare with automatic switchover
  • Minimal
  • Manual or fully automated calibration and validation
19 mm High-transmission Quadrupole filter

*Matrix dependent. Documented on trace benzene in air

**Based on the analysis of 1% argon

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