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Fuel Cells

Fuel Cells are seen as a future alternative to fossil fuels. Many institutions are performing fuel cell research with a focus on commercializing the technology. Typically, an experiment includes a bench scale version of a catalytic process reaction in which the inlet composition is tightly controlled, and the outlet components vary based on fuel cell conditions.

In order to determine conversion and efficiency, researchers need to be able to measure the composition of the fuel cell inlet and outlet. Typical laboratory mass spectrometers have been used for years to identify the unknowns. However, the MAX300-LG™ Laboratory Mass Spectrometer’s ability to continuously measure the known components, as well as the unknowns, is what makes the MAX300-LG the ideal analyzer for fuel cell research. This laboratory mass spectrometer provides the sensitivity and detection limits needed for these types of reactions, especially for hydrogen measurements.

The MAX300-LG Laboratory Gas Analyzer provides:

  • Fast analysis of approximately 400 ms per component
  • Continuous real-time analysis of multiple streams
  • Dual Faraday and Electron Multiplier Detector with autoranging capabilities enabling the MAX300-LG to achieve a continuous dynamic range from 100% down to 10 parts per billion (ppb)

Two Distinct User Interfaces are available:

(If necessary, both software packages can be installed on the same analyzer.)

  • The Questor® 5 Process Control Software is ideal for bench scale and pilot scale process research and development. This software is capable of monitoring an unlimited number of components, and can also utilize multivariate analysis for enhanced performance in complex matrices.
  • The Merlin Automation™ Data System is a powerful and flexible Mass Spectrometry tool for research and development projects. The Microsoft Windows® based software allows complete control over the ion optics, detectors, vacuum and other system hardware via an advanced Tune Mode. The Merlin system allows the operator to monitor an unlimited number of components in Spectra, Single Ion Monitoring (SIM) and Trend modes.
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