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Over fifty years ago, two professors changed the landscape of mass spectrometry by developing innovative RF and DC power supplies. Their discoveries became the foundation of Extrel—the world’s leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art research and process mass spectrometers, residual gas analyzers, and quadrupole mass spectrometry components.

Since 1964, Extrel’s instruments have been recognized for their exceptional performance, reliability and flexibility, and are complemented by the most comprehensive application, technical and on-site support in the industry. Providing solutions for the needs of today’s leading researchers from individual components to full all-in-one systems, Extrel works with their customers to deliver the best product for their needs.

Extrel’s focus on the serviceability of their instruments is second-to-none, delivering thorough and comprehensive technical support and service on a worldwide level through on-site and remote support. The company also provides in-depth training through their Support Schools, customer-site training, and Webinar Classes, allowing customers to build a training curriculum that is right for them. The company’s analytical and process instruments have been applied in both research and industry—used by Nobel Laureates and thousands of others in a variety of applications worldwide. Extrel looks forward to the next 50 years of inspiring scientific progress in research environments.


Our Mission

Provide our customers with innovative solutions that improve process performance and lead to strong relationships.

Create a culture of family and friendship that employees appreciate and share with others.

Our Values

  • Customers
  • Challenge and Innovation
  • Teamwork and People
  • Respectful Relationships
  • Safety and Environment
  • Sustainability and Profitability

Our Vision

Listening to our customers, we innovate connected and accessible analytical solutions.


  • Customs Markets
  • Clusters / Biomolecules / Nanoparticles
  • Energy / Biofuels
  • Environmental / Atmospheric
  • General Gas Analysis
  • Industrial Gas Analysis
  • Materials Research
  • Metals Production
  • Petrochemical
  • Pharmaceutical / Biotechnology
  • Semiconductor

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