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Thermal Desorption Systems

Extrel's Thermal Desorption Systems (TDS), (complete with mass spectrometer, vacuum system and pumps, mounting rack, sample heater with control and pressure measurement), provide high sensitivity temperature programmed desorption analysis with precise temperature control.

Our TDS Systems can be configured for a number of different sample sizes (up to 300 mm), temperature ranges and mass ranges.

Specifications and Advantages of Extrel’s TDS/TDA Systems include:

  • High Precision Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Controller for Temperature Ramp
  • High Speed, Multi-Component Trend Analysis
  • Mass Ranges of 1-60, 1-300, 1-500, 1-1000 amu
  • Partial Pressure Detection limits down to 10-16 Torr
  • Temperature Gradient across the wafer > 4%
  • Up to 500oC Maximum Temperature

For additional specifications and benefits of the Extrel Thermal Desorption Systems and Temperature Programmed Desorption Systems using Extrel Mass Spectrometers, please reference the listed Product and Application Note or contact your local Sales Representative.

More Information

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