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MAX300-IGX ATEX Industrial Gas Analyzer

The MAX300-IGX™ ATEX Industrial Gas Analyzer is the ATEX approved version of Extrel's high performance Industrial Gas Analyzer. The MAX300-IGX system is suitable for use in ATEX Zone 1 Group II B + H2, T3 or T4 area classifications. This analyzer performs high speed process analysis using the most advanced core mass spectrometer technology available, paired with a dedicated data system.

The MAX300-IGX provides real time gas analysis and is suitable for a variety of industrial applications including: Ammonia, Ethylene, Ethylene Oxide, Fermentation Control and Pharmaceutical Solvent Drying.

The Questor® 5 software operates under the Microsoft Windows® based operating system and features a web-based user interface. The system can be accessed from a direct peer-to-peer network connection, LAN or the Internet via the instrument controller’s Ethernet connection. The instrument controller acts as a web-server giving access to the analyzer's Graphical User Interface (GUI) web pages. User based password protection is implemented to provide data and operational security. Advanced event logging allows for data integrity and compliance with 21 CFR 11 regulations.

The system performs extensive diagnostics during SmartStart™ and continuously monitors diagnostics during operation to ensure data validity. 

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  • Capable of monitoring an unlimited number of components
  • Component concentrations, intensities and derived (calculated) values are displayed, stored and output as defined by the user
  • Display options include graphical and tabular displays for both real time and archived data
  • Single ion monitoring or full mass range scanning can be selected by the user
  • Utilizes multivariate analysis for enhanced performance in complex matrices
  • Automated stream selection
    • The system can be configured for more than 164 streams
  • Dual filament ionizer
    • One filament is utilized for operation while the second filament acts as a spare
    • The system provides automatic filament switchover for continuous operation
  • Dynamic range:
    • 10 ppm to 100% standard
    • 10 ppb to 100% with the dual detector option
  • Fast analysis with a typical analysis time of 12 seconds for 30 components
  • High compression turbo molecular pump with molecular drag
    • A "fail safe" interlock protects the system against a power failure or sudden vacuum loss. The vacuum chamber is also equipped with a vacuum gauge and an auto vent assembly.
  • Stainless Steel enclosure (NEMA 4, IP65), either air conditioned or water cooled at the customer’s option
  • Mass range from 1-250 amu with the capability to monitor gases and vapors with fragment masses that fall within that range
  • The VacTRAC™ system which allows the operator to perform routine maintenance quickly and easily

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