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Researchers studying the use of Catalysts strive to better understand how they function and respond under different conditions. Tracking the inlet and outlet of the reactor helps the investigator develop an understanding of the catalytic reaction. The composition of the outlet stream provides information about the reaction, efficiency and selectivity of the catalyst. For that reason, scientists rely on Extrel laboratory gas analyzers, like the MAX300-CAT and MAX300-LG to provide fast, accurate and flexible analytical performance. The use of these benchtop system also makes scale up to production analysis easier since the MAX 300-RTG, Industrial Gas Analyzer, is functionally similar but designed for pilot scale and full production environments.

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 Benefits of the MAX300-CAT, Laboratory Gas Analyzer:
  • Measures any gas or vapor sample
  • Real-time analysis of the input and effluent streams reveal what is happening in the reaction
  • Fast response: measures changes to sample concentration in <300 ms
  • High sensitivity: detection limit 500 ppb
  • Data acquisition: up to 1000 measurements/second
  • 1-100, or 1-300 amu mass range
  • Complete quantitative sample composition
  • Multiport sample selection for up to 61+ sample streams

The Questor5 Quantitative Analysis Software is ideal for bench scale and pilot scale process research and development. This software is capable of monitoring an unlimited number of components, and can also utilize multivariate analysis for enhanced performance in complex matrices.

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