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50th Anniversary

Extrel is the world’s leading manufacturer of Research and Process Mass Spectrometers, Residual Gas Analyzers (RGA’s), Quadrupole Mass Spectrometry Systems and Components.

Extrel has been providing quadrupole mass spectrometry solutions to our Research and Industrial customers for 50 years.

Extrel’s global customers receive the most comprehensive application, technical and onsite support in the industry. More About Extrel

Extrel Extends a Hand

Extrel is dedicated to encouraging, promoting, and supporting volunteerism and charitable giving. We believe the extension of our hands reaches beyond the immediate needs of the individual and leads to greater benefits for all involved.
Please click here and see how our efforts benefit our community, our company, and our employees.

Ways we are making an Impact

What’s New

The News

250th ACS National Meeting & Exposition

Join Extrel at the 2015 ACS National Meeting & Exposition from August 16th - 18th at the Boston...

Extrel Is Growing

We are please to announce the new members and staff changes at Extrel. Please welcome Tom Watson,...

Research Highlight: Reaction Monitoring at the Max Plank Institute using the MAX300-LG

Important work at the Max Plank Institute, in Düsseldorf has combined a scanning flow cell with the...